Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She wore sunlight in her hair

We've been busy around here lately...
drawing, skipping, hiking and eating lots of ice cream.

I took advantage of vacation to practice sketching and my little niece gladly obliged.
I was really delighted with how the picture turned out - thanks to a little girl who loves to pose for her aunts (my dogs on the other hand still come out pretty terrible :).

I went hunting for a frame but couldn't find anything I liked so I cut one out of cardboard and covered it in a flannel fabric I had on hand. It now rests on her mama's desk.

Photos by RD Photography


  1. My dear darling daughter,

    You make me so lonely for you, and your sisters, and your mother . . . and your brother-in-law . . . and the granddaughter . . . and the grandsons . . . . . . . . . yes, and even the dog!

    Love, Papa

  2. That is breathtakingly gorgeous and CUTE!! Love it!!!! See you at family camp :)

  3. I guess because you were here when you did this and now the precious drawing sits on my desk, I didn't think to leave a comment!

    But thank you, sis, for the wonderful idea and then the time and creative energy you spent making it happen.

    Love you!