Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chouquettes {Cream Puffs}

We made cream puffs for the Resident Photographer

We plotted this since her birthday last year.
I suspected they would be difficult and put it off only to discover how simply you can whip up a batch of these babies!

Live and learn, I suppose.

I used David Lebovitz recipe, found here.
For french recipes I usually check David Lebovitz website.  I find his instructions honest and ingredients usually translated from grams to cups, thank heavens!

Apparently pastries or "chouquettes" - cream puffs, are a common afternoon snack in Paris - although most likely not smothered in whipped cream as ours were.

The pastry was easy to whip up and I didn't try very hard for evenly sized puffs.  I brushed them with egg yolk and milk, sprinkling them with coarse sugar after, as instructed but the sugar cooked faster than the puffs and sort of burnt.  Apart from that they were perfect and the flavor wasn't ruined by the topping - just less attractive. 

Try them!  
You more than likely have the ingredients in your cupboard!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hibernation {explored}

I know I've been absent for some time.

Instead of going over the all the reasons why I'm just going to say I'm back.


That said.  I've taken on a new project.  I've bought a camera.  As you can see I've got a ways to go.  But life is simplified when you have a lovely (tall) younger sister who will (mostly) obligingly pose for you (and consequently let you put up her hair and pick her outfits :).

Now if I can just get the resident photographer to slow down so I can catch up! 

See, isn't she cute.

We took a vacation to the mountains in January.  Idaho was missing snow until our getaway weekend.  We bundled into a cabin to watch movies, eat comfort food and knit,

and take pictures of course!

Have a whimsical week!