Friday, September 27, 2013


Aberystwyth is a coastal town.  It's roots are in farming and there's proof in the hills of sheep and market Saturdays, two times monthly.

To me, Aberystwyth is like your favorite coffee shop, cozy and surprising.  Sometimes full of the locals and sometimes an eclectic collection of university students and tourists. 

Aberystwyth offers a million views and is probably photographer heaven.  To me it's a bit frustrating, trying to capture anything close to reality.  To begin, however, I've gathered a few shots close to home. Please note the Sun. Aberystwyth does live up to it's "resort" title occasionally.

The Promenade and colorful University Student Housing

It's just one week now since I rolled into Aberystwyth Railway Station (It's not a train station guys).  The city is full of old and new: banks and bars in beautiful old buildings and modern grocery stores at every turn.  The history is evident everywhere but so far all I can do is look and listen. The city has been growing up here for hundreds of years. 

 Aberystwyth Railway Station (and Bus Station)

I've been attempting to photograph Old College ever since I arrived but it's just so big - I can't quite capture it's ancient and academic awesomeness.  Old College now houses administration and perhaps a few art lectures.  The history of Aberystwyth University I intend to unravel at the National Library soon, but now is just for looking.

Finally, of course the sea.  My dorm room sadly faces inward and not to the sea but I can't really complain because these ocean views are on the way to nearly everywhere.  I can't get over the perfect shades of green, blue and grey that greet me; or the tides that surprise me, littering the beach with strange notions. I have never lived near the ocean before and the ever present gulls and sounds are slowly sinking into my psyche.  I find myself walking slower, even when the streets are crowded. And the little streets do crowd.

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  1. The pictures of the library are breath-taking! I can practically smell the musty oldness of tomes untouched for decades!

  2. Abbie, I keep hearing Caleb (from Sarah, Plain and Tall) saying, "Look Papa- blue, and gray, and green. Sarah has brought the sea!" :) I love getting a glimpse of your wee town, and reading your words describing it all. I'd be doing the same thing you are- just listening. Soak it up, sister. You are so blessed! Love you!