Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Days (late) for Christmas - part 3: Christmas Day (or I drink to much coffee day :)

We had a (very) quiet family breakfast Christmas morning.  I can't remember the last time our Christmas morning was so quiet.  We usually have family dropping in early while we're still opening our stockings!  Traditionally when someone got married instead of losing someone we just gained another person!  Then came the kiddos (I have 12 & 1/2 nieces and nephews).  We've turned over a new schedule, which meant this Christmas was quiet (we had the loud celebration with my siblings on Sunday) but next year we'll have everyone to ourselves on Christmas.  It's been so nice that everyone gets along fine and doesn't mind taking turns.

All this to say Christmas morning was a slow start.  Lots of coffee and of course the traditional last minute stocking stuffing.  I planned a breakfast for the six of us: Apple & Cheddar Frittata, potatoes and bacon.  (I'm not allowed to put green things in the eggs - my parents and I like it but my younger siblings protest - otherwise there would have been some spinach in there somewhere!)  We didn't get a good picture probably because we were all still so sleepy eyed, so I'm going to skip to the cake but please know, breakfast was yummy.

Maddie got these antique birds for Christmas from the resident photographer.  
They were the perfect addition.  Grandpa & Papa in back ground.

So... this cake has been rolling around in my head for some time now.  I think I must have been inspired from this post.   We have a dear friend who gives us Lemon Curd each Christmas.  We've had it on cookies and scones but it was time to try something new.  I love white cake but it has to go with the right meal.  We wanted to keep Christmas simple this year since it was just us and our Grandparents so I thought it was the perfect time to test it out.

I made the cake into three layers so we could put as much lemon curd in the middle as possible.  I was worried the cake wouldn't be moist enough without any frosting but it was perfect with a cup of coffee.  We had a rather white meal if I think about it: corn chowder, homemade rolls & White, Lemon filled cake but everything paired really nicely.  You can find the recipe here; I divided the batter into three 8 inch round cake pans for more filling and dusted with powdered sugar.  I also trimmed the edges to make the cake even but the sides did end up looking a little naked after that!

I spent Christmas day sipping coffee (I probably drank an entire pot by myself!).  The resident photographer (See her pictures form Christmas Here!) and I alternating spent time in the kitchen and our "studio" (*cough* which is really half of our room set up for sewing).  She was kind enough to keep me company while I finished a Christmas gift for Sunday.  

Speaking of coffee, I conveniently got a French Press for Christmas!  And some odds and ends:  yarn (yay for knitting!), a basket for my knitting, a scarf, photos, buttons (the pin on kind from the black apple, and a guitar tuner... now I suppose I have no excuses but learn to play!

You guessed it!  Pictures on this post by the Resident Photographer.

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  1. I love your Christmas. That cake looks and sounds amazing- and the little birdies on top? LOVE! How sweet. From an antique store, or new? Again, LOVE!

    I can't wait to drink some coffee with you.